Everything changes, everything evolves, and this is noticeable in several fields including that of sports betting. This activity had started in the physical rooms. However, with the advent of the Internet, virtual platforms have made it their preferred field. The number of these sites being in progress, certain improvements were still recently made to give more chances to the platforms to count the greatest number of bettors. These improvements to sports betting today also allow punters to enjoy a refined experience. What are these innovations and how have they affected this industry? We tell you here. You will also see some tips for winning and a list of some of the best platforms.

Sports betting today

Several innovations have been introduced to the world of online sports betting today, the first of which is the ability to predict from mobile. With this revolution, bettors with devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android, etc. have the opportunity to go to the platforms and bet normally. The other innovation brought to the world of sports betting today is the possibility to follow the matches in streaming directly on the betting sites. It must be said that this came at the right time to solve many problems. Indeed, the subscription is more or less expensive especially for those of a certain social class. They therefore cannot keep up with all the matches due to a lack of subscription.

In addition, since TV is not mobile, it is not always possible to follow the match when you are not at home. You will have to rush to return or go to a friend’s house to follow the match. However, with the possibility to follow the matches live, you can follow the matches wherever you are, you just have to connect to the site. This possibility favored live betting. This type of bet involves predicting while the match is in progress. It therefore implies less calculation for bettors. As the game goes on, it’s easier to see the outcome.

The advancement of technology and the introduction of online betting sites also led to the creation of diversified sportsbooks that cover a range of betting markets. You can find different local and global tournaments, follow special leagues, and several independent sporting events from your small hand-held device. To optimise their platform even further, operators started incorporating casino sections and sportsbooks on their sites, thus allowing bettors a diverse experience. Most popular sites for online sports betting also feature slot titles, table games, bingo, live dealer games, scratch cards, and more. Players can bet on as many matches as they want simultaneously, enjoying live updates and live streaming, then take a break at a live casino roulette table and spin the wheel.

Basic tips and strategies for better sports betting

If you want to maximize your chances and achieve a positive result on most of the bets you place, you must first have a minimum mastery of the sport on which you predict. This knowledge will allow you to better orient your bets. In addition, you must also master the events on which to bet. This factor varies from one sport to another. When it comes to team sports, you need to have all the necessary information about the competing teams, the favorites, the injured, the training, etc.

If you want to bet like a pro, it is also essential that you learn to read the ribs. It is true that French notation is the easiest and most used on most sites. This shouldn’t stop you from learning more about other types of scoring. There are also forums that can help you improve. You will find methods and tips for doing wonders with sports betting today.

Betting sites and bonuses available on these

The most recommended sites are those accredited by ARJEL. This authority is indeed known for its seriousness. She only gives her seal to the most deserving. It was created in 2010 and has managed to live up to the task entrusted to it. Very early on, its laws forced several platforms to review their mode of operation. Some have systematically stopped operating. Since then, it has maintained this rigor, and among the sites that hold its accreditation, we can mention Betclic, Bwin, Winamax, PMU.FR, Unibet, ZEbet, and many others.

These various sports betting sites today offer a large number of sports and also offer a welcome bonus of € 100 with the exception of ZEbet whose offer is € 150. Some of them have a section dedicated to online casino games. On these platforms, you will be able to benefit from a legal casino bonus which will allow you to play for as long as possible. These sites also act as a mobile casino, thus allowing bettors of French casinos to play with real money on the go.