Home to the Ozark Mountains, socially rich capitals and deep ropes of American history, the province of Missouri offers a wide range of encounters. While there is much to see and do in Kansas City and St. Louis, different attractions and urban communities in Missouri offer considerably more to investigate. Branson offers a not insignificant number of outdoor attractions, as well as a thriving unrecorded music scene, and the Wilson Creek National Battleground in Springfield safeguards a unique crossroads in the history of the Civil War. To really appreciate the kind of development Missouri has, the tantalizing waters of Lake Ozarks are a distinctive getaway destination with resorts, campsites and miles of shoreline.

St. Louis Gateway Arch

The Arco de la Puerta is the famous structure that characterizes San Luis and is also the emblematic “Entrance to the West”. Visitors can take an elevator up to an inspection stage at the top, which reaches 630 feet, for an amazing perspective of the city. The curve is located in the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park, but can be seen from anywhere in the city and even from significant sections of the surrounding highways. Different approaches to appreciating the curve are helicopter tours, river boat trips, and a visit to the Old Courthouse for some verifiable view of the grounds.


Branson, in southwestern Missouri, without false humility, is considered the “Home Music Capital of the Universe”. It attracts a large number of tourists each year, mostly Blue Grass fans. The Strip is filled with musical castles, inns, restaurants and gift shops selling every kind of kitsch imaginable. The music scenes here are home to some of the most prominent artists in home music.

Branson is also a decent base for trips to the Ozark Mountains. Distinctive focal points include Table Rock Lake State Park and Talking Rocks Cave. A nice way to find Branson’s wild side is to hop on the Branson Scenic Railroad, all in newly renovated 1930s travel vehicles. For more adrenaline activity, crazy horseback riding and rides in Silver Dollar City make for a rush.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

One of the most important social attractions in Kansas City is the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. It has a complete assortment, with pieces from all over the world, but with a specific emphasis on East Asian craftsmanship. On the gallery grounds is a figure garden that everyone can recognize without entering the structure. Confirmation is permitted in all cases at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, and the rotating exhibits make each visit extraordinary. The online opportunities in the exhibit hall incorporate free family fun weekends, unrecorded music every third Thursday of the month, and a wide assortment of craft classes for all ages.